Initial and Annual Registration Fees:

There is an initial, non-refundable registration fee per child. As well as an annual registration fee per child which helps defray our yearly startup costs and pays for a morning snack, full lunch, and a two-food-group snack in the afternoon. Fees also go toward our morning preschool program, which includes school work, music, creative movement, and Bible lessons. To keep our files current, a new set of papers must be filled out. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Lesa Brown at our Childcare Office.

TODDLERS (18 months+)

AGES 3-5


Toddler & Older Toddler
(Both potty-trained & non potty-trained)
Only Full Time available
please call for current rates
3-Year Old Room, 4-Year Old Room,
& 5-Year Old Room
Full Time & Part Time available
and Full Time Sibling rates available
please call for current rates
Latchkey Program
A.M. only, P.M. only,
A.M. & P.M. available
*Latchkey Only: If there is a 2-hour delay or early dismissal, there is an additional charge to that day’s rate. If school is cancelled and your child stays in our care, the rate is more for the day. Bus transportation to and from school is for Elida School District.
please call for current rates